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Data 2020: Year of significant changes

With great pleasure, we invite you to a 60-minute free webinar co-organized with a Czech based tech-house LutherOne, a member the British Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic. This session will offer unparalleled data insight into 2020, including how the developments transformed businesses in terms of communication, collaboration & performance and how the circumstances are shaking traditional views on motivation, engagement & loyalty.


What will happen?

With its collaboration & performance platform, LutherOne is continuously collecting a broad spectrum of unique data related to how companies (across countries, segments & industries) manage various elements of their businesses – not only in the context of the recent changes.


During this session, LutherOne’s CEO, Jiri Baca (ex-CEO Vodafone & mBank), will share an inside look into these invaluable insights, focusing on how these can help you manage today and get ready for tomorrow and all the changes it will bring.


  • Distinct differences between the first & second pandemic wave;
  • Shifts in the work styles and their impact on productivity & performance of employees;
  • Substantial increase in stress quotient & factors leading to increased burnout risk;
  • Effects on employee loyalty;
  • Transformation of collaboration and its implications to motivation;
  • The increasing gap between top management and employees in terms of the perception of the situation;
  • Impacts on customers;
  • Recommendations, implications, key challenges, and much more…


For whom

  • C-level executives, board members
  • HR leaders and Business Partners
  • Innovation & communication leaders


About LutherOne

LutherOne is the Czech-based technology house behind highly innovative and data-based platforms that transform how teams collaborate in the digital age. Its solutions are trusted by some of the world’s biggest companies. From real-time employee engagement surveys and internal communication and collaboration tools, to live feedback and recognition tech, to the intuitive task and activity planners, LutherOne’s human-centric and science-driven solutions tap into employees’ psychological drivers’ recognition and reward to gamification theory – to build happy and motivated workforces.


This event is free of charge. You will receive a Zoom link upon your registration.