13:00 - 16:00
British Embassy in Prague
Thunovská 14, Prague
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The British Chamber of Commerce Czech Republic is pleased to invite UK companies to showcase the latest trends and products for food and drink. Your products will be displayed at the British Embassy (TBC) in Prague to key buyers, retailers, distributors, HORECA representatives and food & drink professionals in the Czech Republic. UK companies can either visit the trade fair in person or opt to be featured in the presentation along with a sample exhibition represented by the British Chamber of Commerce.


Following UK companies will be presented:

Company Website



Randall Parker

Alec Jarrett

Wicks Manor







Borna Foods Ltd.                                      Výsledek obrázku pro borna foods https://www.bornafoods.com
Colpac                                           https://colpacpackaging.com
eMixit                                              https://emixit.eu
Emporia Brands Ltd.                            Výsledek obrázku pro emporia brands https://www.emporiabrands.com
GS1 UK                                                  Výsledek obrázku pro gs1 uk https://www.gs1uk.org
Hinch Distillery Company                   Výsledek obrázku pro hinch distillery company https://hinchdistillery.com
House of Elrick Gin                                   Výsledek obrázku pro house of elrick gin https://houseofelrick.co.uk

Kennard’s Artisan Chocolates.                   Výsledek obrázku pro Kennard's Artisan Chocolates

Lilley’s Cider.                                            /var/folders/62/jrp3_h8j2zx05f0bxb3wkhhw0000gn/T/com.microsoft.Word/WebArchiveCopyPasteTempFiles/Nr1FPZTO_400x400.jpg http://www.lilleyscider.co.uk

Nine                                                         Výsledek obrázku pro nine brand good seeds great tastes

Silver Swift https://www.silverswiftdrinks.com

Singletons & Co                                   

The London Distillery Company Ltd.  Výsledek obrázku pro THE LONDON DISTILLERY COMPANY https://londondistillery.com
The Nutty Group.                                      Výsledek obrázku pro nutty group https://www.thenuttygroup.co.uk
The Red Pot London Ltd.                           Výsledek obrázku pro the red pot london https://www.theredpotlondon.co.uk
Tracklements                                           https://www.tracklements.co.uk
Virtue Drink                                              Výsledek obrázku pro virtue drinks http://www.virtuedrinks.com
Wilkin & Sons Ltd.