11:00 - 19:00
British Embassy in Prague
Thunovská 14, Prague
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The event showcased British expertise in the field of:

  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Leadership and management skills
  • Sales, communication and networking
  • Customer services, personal impact
  • Assessments, e-learning, virtual education
  • Professional English Language writing


Accent International – www.accent-international.com – Specialist Training and Consultancy organisation in the areas of Specialist Language, Communications, Intercultural and International Working

Aspire Consulting and Training – www.aspire.me.uk – Consulting, coaching and training to help companies engage their people and deliver on its strategy

Bale Crocker – www.balecrocker.com – Digital strategy and leadership vision; Relationship management; Trust- based selling; Developing distinctive client relationships; etc.

Cambridge Professional Academy www.professionalacademy.com – Management and leadership, sales, marketing and digital marketing

Edinburgh School of English – www.edinburghschoolofenglish.com – English courses for professional English purposes

Global Business Therapy – www.globalbusinesstherapy.com – Leadership Training, Leadership Development for Women, Diversity Training and Coaching Certification

Hallmark School of Management – www.hallmarkschoolofmanagement.com – Leadership and Management Qualifications & Training

OTHO – www.otholimited.com – Safety, security and crisis management

Reflection Associates – www.reflexion-uk.co.uk – An expansive, holistic and enlightening leadership coaching and development consultancy

School of English Studies (SES) – www.ses-folkestone.co.uk – Business English courses

SPOCE Project Management – www.spoce.com- Project, Programme & Risk management

Training Gateway – www.thetraininggateway.com – Management programmes, sales and marketing, coaching, health and social care, engineering, health and safety

University of York – www.york.ac.uk – short courses, executive education and professional training

T2 LINGUISTICS – www.t2-uk.com – Psycho-Linguistics training and consultancy

Ultimate performance – www.ultimateperformance.eu – ILM Qualifications, Psychometric Assessment, Executive Coaching

Video Arts – www.videoarts.com – Soft-skills training programmes

York Associates – www.york-associates.co.uk – International team and leadership training and coaching, professional language and communication skills, mediation, digital learning

Motive Consulting – www.motiveconsulting.co.uk – Leadership and Organisational development consulting


Available presentations:


Accent International – www.accent-international.com – accent


Aspire Consulting and Training – www.aspire.me.uk – aspire


Bale Crocker – www.balecrocker.com –


Cambridge Professional Academy – www.professionalacademy.com – cambridge-profisional-academy


Edinburgh School of English – www.edinburghschoolofenglish.com


Global Business Therapy – www.globalbusinesstherapy.com –global-business-therapy


Hallmark School of Management – www.hallmarkschoolofmanagement.com –hallmark


OTHO – www.otholimited.com –otho-limited


Reflection Associates – www.reflexion-uk.co.uk –reflexion-associates


School of English Studies (SES) – www.ses-folkestone.co.uk – school-of-english-studies


SPOCE Project Management – www.spoce.com- spoce


Training Gateway – www.thetraininggateway.com – training-gateway


University of York – www.york.ac.uk – university-of-york


T2 LINGUISTICS – www.t2-uk.com – t2uk


Ultimate performance – www.ultimateperformance.eu – ultimate-performance


Video Arts – www.videoarts.com


York Associates – www.york-associates.co.uk – york-associates-presentation


Motive Consulting – www.motiveconsulting.co.uk – motive-consulting-ltd



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