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Social Media Academy

BCC Social Media Academy is a brand-new project of the BCC in cooperation with our member Our names, s.r.o. It’s a series of 8 educational workshops with social media/marketing/digital experts.

Digital media platforms have become key elements in todays corporate communication and sales. In last several years Facebook, Google (and their sub brands) have grown rapidly. It is harder and harder to keep pace with the digital era. That is why we created the BCC Social Media Academy with Our names — the easiest way to understand digital world and learn to use on-line marketing in your sales and marketing strategy.

Length: 3hrs (90min work – 20min break – 70min work)

Target group: SME and middle-sized companies in the Czech Republic

Group size: max. 15 participants

Language used: all materials will be in English. The discussions may be in Czech depending on the mix of participants.


Roster of the workshops:

Session 1: Introduction, B2B vs. B2C

  • Introduction to Social Media Academy – what to expect
  • Basic overview – understanding the differences among SM platforms
  • How to think when creating social media stratégy
  • What is the difference between B2B and B2C (and why you need to know)
  • How to measure your B2B vs. B2C goals
February 6, 2019
Session 2: Analyzing & optimizing campaigns

  • Basic tools to analyze & optimize social media campaigns
  • What metrics matter
  • Learning to understand data about your brand
  • Social media listening – what it is and what this is for
  • Setting goals and measuring their achieving
  • How to work with your budget
March 6, 2019
Session 3: Content marketing — how to create a content that strikes

  • How to create a content strategy
  • How to produce a valuable content
  • Content distribution across platforms
  • How to plan your content
  • Practical examples
April 3, 2019
Session 4: Performance marketing — how to create a conversion driven campaigns

  • How to create an online business channel
  • Facebook Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Google Adwords & YouTube video ads
  • Tools to use that make you more effective and precise
  • Results reporting
May 15, 2019
Session 5: Facebook

  • What you need to know about Facebook
  • Facebook Business Manager – why and what for
  • Tool for easier content management
  • Setting goals and measuring results
June 12, 2019
Session 6: LinkedIn

  • What you need to know about LinkedIn
  • How to improve your profile (personal & company)
  • Tools you can combine with LinkedIn to make it even more effective
  • How to create content for LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Premium, Sales Navigator & other LN paid solutions
  • Campaigns on LinkedIn – how to create a campaign and do not lose money
September 4, 2019
Session 7: Instagram

  • What you need to know about Instagram
  • What to do and what not to do
  • Creating an Instagram profile concept
  • IG content production
  • Successful campaigns case studies – inspiration
  • Influencer marketing – how to
October 2, 2019
Session 8: Customer service — what change in customer service and how to deal with it

  • How to actively take care of your customers
  • How to maximize your profit from loyal customers
  • How to combine your CRM with social media platform
  • Remarketing as a customer service tool
  • Community management – how to build a sales-relevant community
  • Crisis management – what to do when you have a problem (and your customers know about it)
  • Examples – what to do and what not to do when dealing with a problem on social media
November 6, 2019


Please, contact Anna Cimburkova for more information.