19/03/2024 - 16/04/2024
09:00 - 13:00
British Chamber of Commerce
Václavské náměstí 19, Prague
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Become a Real-World Leader and understand, how to create an effective team, and how to become a valuable manager who can lead teams and meetings. Learn about mentoring and coaching methods & get to know how to work with stress, burnout syndrome, and conflicts.

Your guide through the Academy will be Adéla Karlovská – Lecturer, Management Consultant, SCRUM Master and Personal Development Coach with NLP.

Length: Each session takes 4 hours (with a break), starting at 9 AM until 1 PM.

Language used: All materials will be in English. The discussions may be in Czech depending on the mix of participants.

The Schedule of the Academy:

Session 1: Role of a Leader

  • Basic roles (mentor, coach, manager, leader – when to be in each role and why)
  •  VUCA (time we live now, what is important to focus on to be agile leader)
  • Agile approach of the leader (as one of the tools to thought leader)
  • Essential traits of a modern manager (as support of employees to continue to develop)
  • How to be a truly authentic and trustable leader
  • 3 stages of leading people (management by objectives, situational leadership, emotional
    management – when use each stage and why)
  • Tips how to eliminate stress which can kill potential of team
  • Breathing and harmonizing exercises, stress relief techniques
  • Active practice of setting own personal SWOT analysis (I-leader, how to build authentic personal
    leadership style)
  • Active practice of stress relief technique
Session 2: Coaching and Mentoring

  •  Coaching, mentoring methods and techniques
  • Effective questioning (approach to solve any situation and reaching full potential of employees)
  • Active listening (as a tool to understand people better)
  • Growth and fixed mindset (what is it, how to build growth mindset and why)
  • Emotional management (how it can help in people leadership)
  • Active practice of coaching and mentoring
  • Active practice of active listening
Session 3: Presentation Skills and Motivation

  •  Building personal brand of an authentic leader
  • Structure of presentation
  • How to start and end the presentation
  • Motivation (how to motivate myself and teams)
  • “Impostor syndrome”; (what it is and how to combat it)
  • Employee engagement (as a tool to build loyal teams)
  • Active practice of presentation


Session 4: Communication and Conflicts

  •  Basics of communication and assertiveness
  • How to pass the information
  • Structure and preparation for negotiations
  • Basics about manipulation
  • How emotions work in stress
  • Human brain in conflict
  • Interactions in communication (how humans solve the issues)
  • Conflicts and conflict resolution steps
  • Active practice of negotiation
  • Active practice of conflict solution
Session 5: Situational Leadership & Feedback

  •  Situational leadership in VUCA time (benefits and drawbacks)
  • Emotion curve of change (how to work with people in change, how to motivate them, question
  • Feedback as important tool for motivation people (rules for receivers and providers of feedback)
  • How to provide with feedback in each of 3 stages of leading people (management by objective,
    situational leadership, emotional management)
  • Meeting preparation
  • Structure of meeting (before, during, after)
  • Remote management (remote team management, main tasks for the remote manager)
  • Active practice of feedback providing

*Refreshments will be provided at the event.

Attendance fees:
Members’ price: CZK 14 560  + VAT

Non-members’ price: CZK 21 970 + VAT

Corporate price (3 and more participants): 15 % discount – To register for corporate price please contact tatiana.levko@britcham.cz