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BCC Member Portus Praha are organising the second year of the virtual charity race will be held to support people with mental disabilities.

Anyone can join the run anywhere – runners, walkers, amateurs, professionals, small, big, young, and old, and help those who need it. Portus Prague is in the lead of a challenge, namely to raise 333 thousand for the field service Support for Independent Living.

When: From April 1 to April 30, 2022

Where: Anywhere

The joy of running will be multiplied by the feeling of a good deed. By participating in the virtual run, you will contribute a financial amount and the proceeds will then be used for the everincreasing costs of the field service Support for Independent Living. You can register online at myteporazime.cz. The entry fee starts at 50 CZK and includes a diploma, a contribution to the field service, and a starting number. Getting involved in the race is very easy and does not require any major preparation. In short, you just put on the sneakers, run out and trace the run using your favorite app and share the screenshot. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Run anytime and anywhere and race Czechia for Portus Prague!

And who will you help during the run? We will use the proceeds from the race for field services. Especially to help clients with autism, their costs of increased care, and their integration into society. Social service Support for Independent Living provides to people with a handicap. It helps to live a normal life in one’s own home in order to develop individual abilities and skills, knowledge and competencies and to strengthen self-confidence for life as a part of society. Currently, the apartment rents are high. Almost all clients of our Support service are paying for rented flats. Some of them do not have a family that could have their back. As energy rates rise, so do housing prices, despite the additional rising in necessities prices. Clients are therefore dependent on income from their employment to pay for a small apartment and other requirements. Their disability pension covers more or less only the cost of housing and basic needs like food. A big problem arises if one of the clients is unable to attend work regularly due to their handicap.

Portus Prague’s Support for Independent Living was established in 2017 and is currently used by 14 clients. “The experience of our organization Portus Prague shows that this service is also suitable for many people for whom society does not usually expect to be able to live alone. However, the moment they become independent, they suddenly become regular citizens. For us, as a provider of social services, it is a great satisfaction to see how our clients gain new experiences, how they learn to cope with new situations, how they make more and more confident moves in society, how they gain self-confidence,” describes the head of social services Lucie Šišková.


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