10:00 - 13:00
Vestec U Prahy
Vestec, Vestec
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The event was a truly magical and exciting expreience! DofE managed to, with the help of many, plant 100 linden trees together.

Special guests who honoured this event with their participation today, including the Deputy Minister of the Environment Eva Volfová, the President of the British Chamber of Commerce Guy Barker and the First Secretary of the Ukrainian Embassy Ostap Lukianchuk, came to support this unique event.

The trees they managed to plant together will help our environment, help young people from Ukraine who are now coming to the Czech Republic and will commemorate the amazing legacy of Prince Philip and how much he changed the lives of young people by founding the DofE program – today we could see it in practice. People really came from all over the country and thus showed that the borders in DofE take on a completely different dimension and unite communities across countries.


Prince Philip founded the DofE programme and with that changed the lives of millions. To celebrate the 100 years since his birth, we planted 100 trees.

Donate 10 000 czk to DofE and have the tree marked with your name.


10:00–11:00 : Registration or volunteers

11:00–11:15 : Launch of the event, The ceremonial planting of the first tree, Moderator gives instructions on planting

11:30–11:45 : Sending the groups to designated spots and dividing them by numbers, the introduction of experts on planting, distribution of tools

11:45–13:15 : Planting of the trees

13:30 : Ceremonial ending of the event