16:00 - 19:30
Registration at 15:30
Boutique Hotel Jalta
Václavské nám. 45, Praha
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On 3 October, as a part of our BCC Sustainability Working Group, we cooperated with ING Bank on organising a conference on Net Zero, which is a topic gaining significance each day.

We were happy to welcome and listen to senior management representatives from many important and industry-leading companies like České dráhy, CEMEX, EP Infrastructure, Skanska Residential and Třinecké železárny. They presented their future business strategies in relation to green energy and their approaches to transition to sustainable practices. One of the prevalent themes of this meeting was decarbonisation, and the speakers described the process of decision-making when it comes to decreasing their carbon footprint, as structuring the right long-term plan might have a crucial impact not only on their green operation but also on their competitiveness in their respective sectors. After the speakers’ presentations followed the panel discussion, which saw massive interest among the attendees who were eager to discuss every detail of this topic.

We thank ING and all the speakers for helping us make this event possible, and we want to thank everyone attending for being so active in the discussion! The BCC Sustainability Working Group will make sure to prepare a similar event for you soon. See you there!


  1. Opening
    • Pavel Fara, BCC Deputy Director
  2. Industry Decarbonisation: Sustainable Finance as an Opportunity?
    • Julian Toth, Sustainable Investing & ESG, COO at ISFC
  3. ING Terra approach
    • Eva Bučová, Client Coverage Head and Chair Sustainability Committee ING Czech Republic
    • Igor Mora, Energy Sector Lead ING Czech Republic
  4. Adding Financial Capacity/de-risking Transition and Sustainability Projects
    • Petr Karel, London Market, Chairman of the BCC Sustainability Working Group
  5. Panel discussion: What are the companies facing on their journey to achieve net zero goals
    • Vesselin Barliev, Manager Public Affairs, ERM and Social Impact Czech Republic, CEMEX
    • Ondřej Beneš, Business Development Director, Skanska Residential
    • Gary Mazzotti, Chief Executive Officer, EP Infrastructure
    • Jiří Mravec, Digital, Innovations and Strategy, Třinecké železárny
    • Lukáš Svoboda, Board Member and Deputy for economics and purchasing, České dráhy
  6. Closing
  7. Business networking (wine and refreshment)

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