18:00 - 19:00
British Embassy Prague
Thunovská 14, Praha
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Dear Equilibrium Friends,

We would like to invite you for My Story with Yvona Tošnerová.

About Yvona Tošnerová

Yvona Tošnerová graduated from the faculty of International affairs of the University of Economics. During her professional life, she gained ACCA qualification, and Tax advisor certification.

Her career path took several adventurous swings. She set-off literally with the head in the sky, working as an air-hostess with Czechoslovak airlines. After travelling the world, she softly landed in Prague to continue with Arthur Andersen, one of the BIG 5 consultancy firms at that time, as tax advisor, being close to momentous international transactions in mid-nineties.  With another swing at millennium, she joined Komerční banka group, where she works since then.

During 20 years with KB, she held several leadership positions in Finance and Credit risk management. She also took some time to pursue the two most valuable projects of her life, become a mother of the two amazing daughters. Since June 2021 she has been named into Chief Risk Officer, member of the Board of Directors, in Raiffeisen Stavební Spořitelna, a.s. Her scope covers all areas of risk management, legal, corporate governance and operations.

In her talk, Yvona will share what were the important lessons on her way from the air-hostess to the top management, what keeps her going in difficult times, and what challenges she faces as the single mother, striving to be the good mother as well as the good professional. She will also reveal what is her passion when she switches off the computer, and kids are taken care of. Last, but not least, she will share her fondness for the Equilibrium program, and how the inspiration by Dream-Dare-Share positively influenced her life.

This event is open to both Equilbrium and BCC members and friends.

Refreshments (food & drinks) will be provided.