18:00 - 20:00
Art Nouveau Palace Hotel
Panská 897/12, Prague
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We invite you to an interview with Martin Vrána, who will share his personal and professional insights as an inspirational figure in the cosmetics industry. Martin Vrána is the CEO of Givet, a member of the British Chamber of Commerce, and the interview will be led by none other than the BCC Managing Director, Silvia Bušniaková.

Martin Vrána

Meet Martin Vrána, a big name in the beauty and cosmetics world. Since starting his role last year in March, Martin has been leading Givet’s mission to change how we see beauty, overseeing twelve top brands of cosmetics and personal care products.

What makes Martin stand out is that he’s a man in an industry often perceived as female-dominated. But being a man gives him a different perspective, breaking stereotypes and bringing fresh ideas. Through his experiences, Martin shows us the hidden advantages of being a man in this exciting industry, all while leading with passion and purpose.

Each participant can look forward to receiving a small gift from Givet cosmetics, offering a glimpse into the luxury and innovation that define the brand. 


*Refreshments will be provided at the event.

Attendance fees:

Member’s Price: CZK 240 + VAT + CZK 15 service fee

Non-member’s Price: CZK 320 + VAT + CZK 15 service fee

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