18:00 - 20:00
British Embassy Prague
Thunovská 14, Praha
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It’s our pleasure to invite you to My Story evening with Lenka O’Neill.

Lenka O’Neill

Lenka is the owner of fashion online business Tamsin.cz selling British fashion over a decade and at present she is involved with Lukáš Uhl (Former CEO Dáme jídlo, Zoot and McKinsey consultant) in Pietro Filipi stock restructuring which has been overtaken after the bancrupcy of the Pietro Filipi company. They are notifying a fenominal success and stimulously looking for a partner in conjunction who is going to buy the brand. They are opening Pietro Filipi store in Prague now.

Lenka is a fashion entrepreneur experienced in the dynamic online business start-up environment, managing operations, marketing and strategy. Passionate about fashion and the development of customer choice through technology. A collaborative approach to success through working with brand partners to deliver the best customer experience. Data driven approach. Positive attitude with mindset of the winner. Innovative thinking.



Lenka studied University of the Arts in London and then she has worked at Burberry HQ in the buying department in London. She was responsible for planning, selecting and purchasing quantities of goods and merchandise for sale in the Burberry outlet stores within Europe. Developed an analytical mind with an eye for style.




Lenka O’Neill will be accompanied by her colleague from Pietro Filipi who will share some insights from the industry.

Come and get inspired! Refreshments (food & drinks) will be prepared for all the participants at the spot and are included in the price of the event.