18:00 - 20:00
Registration at 17:45
British Embassy Prague
Thunovská 14, Praha
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We are glad to have Alena Pomahačová as the next My Story speaker.

Alena Pomahačová

Alena Pomahačová comes from a corporate environment with 20 years in managerial roles, which have been connecting as an active coach and enthusiastic mentor for more than 10 years. She embodies a unique combination of business and HR management. While working in sales, she became an expert on different managerial and negotiation styles, a good facilitator and a crisis manager.

In positions of HR leadership, she gained experience in strategic reasoning, selection, assessing and developing both individuals and teams. As a lecturer, Alena is interested in the Conscious Motivation of teams and individuals, Performance management in accordance with the Work-Life Balance, and True Leadership. Alena believes that everyone has a new potential and therefore she likes to help develop it.

Alena will share the shards of her ordinary life that have led her to know that she needs to accept her imperfect self. Also, she will discuss the experience of coaching and mentoring that is a constant source of self-knowledge for her.


This event is intended for Equilibrium mentors, mentees, alumni and friends.