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Teams usually consist of representatives of different generations but one approach does not fit all.

Everything has changed, 4 generations meet in one workspace and each one has different needs. According to recent research, Generation Z has entirely different needs at the workplace than preceding generations. Also, financial reward is not the most important anymore. What is the main motivation then? And what are the main motivation factors for Baby Boomers, Millennials or Gen X?

Generational differences is a hot topic which changes and expands every year as we learn more about how employees differ in between generations. Come and dive with us from practice and the use of differences between generations in HR practice and leadership.

What will be covered:

1. Defining generations and the reasons for differences

2. Generations in the workplace: How do we work and what motivates us?

3. Generations and HR practice: recruitment

5. Final tips & tricks

Who will lead you through the workshop: 

                                Adam Šíma                                              Iva Linda Maruščáková

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Price of the workshop

Members’ price: CZK 2 600 + VAT

Non-members’ price: CZK 3 400 + VAT

Refreshments & drinks will be provided.