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Prague, Prague
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So many countries, so many customs – and so many patterns of communication!

The use of English syntax, corporate etiquette and even humour vary from place to place, rendering both company and individual relationships quite a challenge. How does one conduct a constructive conversation and establish a common ground, while staying polite and honor the cultural differences of all the colleagues involved?

We believe that managers should serve as an example of excelence in multicultural communication. Therefore this workshop focuses on understanding of the differences and taboos in various countries to mitigate possible misunderstandings, reduce tension between people and support mutual cooperation. The training will focus on key problematics defined by an analysis made in more than 17 countries. The objective is to learn how to be polite to all nations, have fun and improve your cross-cultural communication skills to achieve desired goals.

The program will unfold as follows with the brief interruption of two coffee breaks:

  1. Introduction
  2. What is culture.
  3. Cultural dimensions
  4. Barriers to intercultural communication (ethnocentrism, stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination).
  5. Tools to avoid wrong decisions in intercultural environment.
  6. Culture shock.
  7. Useful tips for communication.
  8. Taboos in various countries.
  9. Humor in various countries.
  10. Q&A
  11. Wrap up and good bye.

Please be prepared to share with the class your name, position, country with its 3-5 typical characteristics or fun facts, and one key challenge your country is currently dealing with!


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