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Have you ever felt that AI is a realm exclusively for IT experts and programmers, leaving the everyday person feeling excluded? Perhaps you’ve been doubtful, thinking AI is too complex, or that you might be “too old” to dive into it. There’s even the notion that using AI equates to cheating.

Don’t worry! We have prepared a great online seminar for you in cooperation with DEVELOR. This seminar isn’t designed for IT experts but for anyone eager to shift their mindset toward AI. Discover with us that AI is accessible to all and learn how to start using it today to make your job much easier. Join us for practical demonstrations, with a special focus on Chat GPT.

This seminar will focus on the following goals: 

  1. Embrace AI as an ally, not an enemy
  2. Understand AI’s impact on work and daily life
  3. Acquire essential AI skills for the future
  4. Explore evolving work dynamics with AI
  5. Implement AI effectively in everyday tasks
  6. Demonstrate practical AI tools

Your guides:

Pavlína Moudrá
Trainer, Consultant

Lucie Urbanová
Trainer, Psychologist


Do you want a better visualization of what AI is capable of? DEVELOR has prepared an AI-generated video invitation for you! You can see it HERE.

Don’t miss this chance to demystify AI!

Attendance fee

Member’s Price: CZK 240 + VAT + CZK 15 service fee

Non-member’s Price: CZK 320 + VAT + CZK 15 service fee