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We are delighted to invite you to a 60-minute free webinar co-organised with a Czech based tech-house LutherOne, a member the British Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic. Through its collaboration and performance platform, LutherOne continuously collects a wide spectrum of unique data about how companies (across different countries and industries) manage different parts of their business – not just in the context of recent changes. During the webinar, CEO and founder of LutherOne, Jiri Baca (ex-CEO of Vodafone, mBank) will offer an inside look into these invaluable insights, focusing on how these can help you manage today and get ready for tomorrow and all the changes it will bring.

The webinar will take place on the 6 April 2022 at 10:00am and will run until 11:00 am

The presentation will be run by CEO Jiří Báča

This webinar will be free of charge

LutherOne is the Czech-based technology house behind highly innovative and data-based platforms that transform how teams collaborate in the digital age. Its solutions are trusted by some of the world’s biggest companies. From real-time employee engagement surveys and internal communication and collaboration tools, to live feedback and recognition tech, to the intuitive task and activity planners, LutherOne’s human-centric and science-driven solutions tap into employees’ psychological drivers’ recognition and reward to gamification theory – to build happy and motivated workforces.