09:00 - 12:00
Prague, TBD
Prague, Prague
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The Living Library workshop is aimed at creating an inclusive culture by initiating conversations with people (living books) who might or might not be part of our professional network or social bubble. 

The “books” in our library are human beings with interesting personal stories to share. Our books will share their stories and be ready to answer any difficult or “taboo” questions that you might be curious about. 

This workshop will give you a humbling, eye-opening experience that will challenge your biases and enhance your empathy.

It may lead to self-understanding and reduce judgments.

Come be a “reader” in our library. We are sure it will be a valuable and life-changing experience.

*Living Library is organized by OPIM and licensed by the Council of Europe to use this methodology.

You can find a short video about the Living Library HERE.


9.00 – 9.15         Informal time with breakfast

9.15 – 9.30         Introduction (OPIM, Library, Why we are here)

9.30 – 10.00 I.    Round of discussion with a Book

10.00 – 10.25 II.  Round of discussion with a Book

10.25 – 10.35     Break

10.35 – 11.00 III.  Round of discussion with a Book

11.00 – 11.30 IV.  Round of discussion with a Book

11.30 – 11.50      Debriefing and Ideas with tips to take with you

11.50 – 12.00     Evaluation and Closing

Price of the workshop

Members’ price: CZK 2 600 + VAT

Non-members’ price: CZK 3 400 + VAT

Refreshments & drinks will be provided.

Please be advised that photographs might be taken at the event for use on the BCC website, BCC marketing materials, and other publications. By entering this event, you consent to the photographing and using your image and likeness.