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Dear members,


hereby we would kindly like to invite you to an excellent opportunity to join a webinar with Prof. Philippe Rosinski on a topic of Leading and Coaching Across Cultures – the Information session for BCC Czech Republic.

Prof. Philippe Rosinski, MCC, is considered the pioneer of intercultural and global coaching. He is the author of two seminal books, Coaching Across Cultures and Global Coaching. For almost 30 years and across continents, Philippe has helped people and organizations thrive and make a positive difference in the world. Philippe is a world authority in executive coaching, team coaching, and global leadership development. He is the first European to have been designated Master Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation. He has also developed an integrative coaching supervision approach. Philippe is the principal of Rosinski & Company, a consultancy based in Belgium cooperating with Principal Coaching and other partners around the globe. He is also a professor at the Kenichi Ohmae Graduate School of Business in Tokyo, Japan, and intervenes in several other academic institutions including HEC Paris and the University of Cambridge.

He is the co-author of several books including Evidence Based Coaching Handbook and Mastering Executive Coaching, and the author of the Cultural Orientations Framework (COF) assessment.A Master of Science from Stanford University, Philippe has received numerous awards including the Thinkers50 Marshall Goldsmith Leading Global Coaches Award (London, 2019) and has been listed among the Global Gurus Coaching Top 30 (2021). https://philrosinski.com/

In our multicultural and fast-changing environment, it is essential to embrace diversity, bridge cultural gaps, learn from cultural differences for more creativity, allowing us to act responsibly, overcome divisions, live meaningfully and strive for internal and external unity. Leadership and coaching that integrates multiple perspectives is a powerful vehicle for enabling sustainable and global success for ourselves and others. Philippe Rosinski’s program focuses on the cultural perspective in the context of a broader vision that also integrates physical, managerial, psychological, political and spiritual perspectives.

Based on his pioneering book Coaching Across Cultures, which has been chosen by the Harvard Business School as its featured book recommendation for business leaders, Philippe Rosinski’s program’s main objective is to equip executives, managers, HR professionals, professional coaches, trainers and consultants from all kinds of organizations to systematically integrate the cultural dimension into their work. It is also destined for interculturalists eager to integrate coaching into their work. Participants learn how to release higher potential in individuals enabling greater and sustainable success by making the most of alternative cultural perspectives.


Take home value of the Leading and Coaching Cerification Seminar Philippe Rosinski will  introduce during the BCC Prague webinar:


1.Become aware of your current cross-cultural orientations, cultural norms, values and beliefs;

2.Discover how to expand your cultural worldview and behavioral repertoire for greater impact;Ta

3.Learn to identify others’ cultural orientations and effectively bridge cultural gaps;

4.Learn how to maximize opportunities from cultural diversity to promote creativity and unity;

5.Discover creative solutions to leverage cultural differences and address complex, multidimensional challenges;

6.Become certified to use and administer theCOF online assessment with individuals, teams and  organizations;

7.Discover an integrated coaching approach calling upon multiple perspectives (physical, managerial, psychological, political, cultural and spiritual) to foster sustainable and global success (for self & others);

8.Become part of an emerging and leading network of global professionals and executives.