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The BCC would like to invite you to join an online event organised by the UK Science and Innovation Network, the British Council, and UNESCO’s International Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence, on the topic of “The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Tackling Climate Change”, at 1600 GMT/1700 CET/1800 EET on 18 January 2022.

The keynote speaker at the event will be Dr Aidan O’Sullivan, Associate Professor in Energy and Artificial Intelligence at University College London. I enclose his biography below. Aidan will be joined by a panel of five distinguished European experts for a roundtable discussion on the use of AI in addressing various Climate Change challenges, including GHG emissions, air pollution, storing and analysing climate change data, improving risk assessment and alert, followed by questions and answers from the audience.

This will be one event in a series of three “Science & Innovation Dialogues” our organisations will be jointly running on the theme of Artificial Intelligence, across ten countries in the Baltics, Central and Eastern, and Southern Europe. The series aims to highlight science excellence in the UK and in this region; and to facilitate exchange of best practice. We plan for the event to be streamed live to a wide audience in the UK and across the region using British Embassy, British Council, and IRCAI channels.

Keynote speaker: Dr Aidan O’Sullivan

Aidan O’Sullivan is Associate Professor in Energy and Artificial Intelligence at UCL Energy Institute where he leads the Energy Systems and Artificial Intelligence Lab which is focused on applications of AI in the energy system

that accelerate the transition to net zero. He is CTO and Co-Founder of Carbon Re a climate tech start up using AI to decarbonise the manufacture of energy intensive materials such as cement and steel.

Aidan holds a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering from University College Cork, Ireland and a PhD from the department of Mathematics in Imperial College London. Prior to joining UCL he worked as a machine learning researcher in the Civil Engineering Department of MIT. He is the UK’s representative to the European Energy Research Alliance for the joint programme on digitalisation and programme chair for the AI and Climate initiative at the UNESCO International Research Centre on AI, (IRCAI). Aidan was recently awarded a Turing Fellowship from the Alan Turing Institute, the UK’s leading centre for AI and data science research. In media his work has been featured in Forbes, Times and the world Economic forum and he has authored articles for World Energy Magazine.