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Have you heard of the Equilibrium Mentoring Programme?

Join us to learn more about a programme that has been empowering professionals for over 13 years. Since its launch, more than 1254 people from approximately 725 companies have joined the community. Over the years, participants have had the opportunity to attend 108 events, with more to come!

This event will provide an overview of the Equilibrium programme, detailing its features, benefits, and implementation strategies. Attendees will discover how this programme can help create a supportive environment that encourages women’s career advancement and cultivates leadership skills.

Why Attend?

Attend if you want to:

  • Empower women in your workplace
  • Create a more inclusive work environment
  • Encourage and support women’s professional growth within your organization
  • Gain insights into the Equilibrium mentoring programme

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is tailored for HR professionals, managers, talent development teams, diversity and inclusion managers, and any professionals interested in supporting women’s career growth within their organization.

Please, register HERE to receive a link to webinar.

See Equilibrium website for more information HERE.




Silvia Bušniaková

BCC Managing Director




Matěj Buďárek

Senior Manager & Lead


Please be advised that photographs might be taken at the event for use on the BCC website, BCC marketing materials, and other publications. By entering this event, you consent to the photographing and using your image and likeness.