09:00 - 11:30
Boutique Hotel Jalta
Václavské nám. 45, Praha
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Learn how to spot and stop cyber and human threats to your company’s secrets, staff, finances and reputation

Criminals are increasingly more creative in how they choose to target and then exploit businesses and their staff. Commercially sensitive information and personal details are a valuable commodity to them. To help Czech businesses be more aware of the threats they face and how to prevent them, Henry from Atlas Analytics along with his colleagues from Metis Services in Sweden will discuss the problems posed by and solutions to:

  • Online Hostile Reconnaissance
    Criminals use online sources to exploit access points in either physical or online security.
  • Social Engineering
    A non-technical method of intrusion that tricks people into breaking normal security procedures.
  • Exploiting Corruption and Illicit Influence
    Criminals look for individuals or segments of an organisation they can manipulate. They then seek to try and recruit insiders to provide commercially sensitive material; Illicit Influence.

Henry Rimmer
Henry is an internationally-acclaimed intelligence analyst and award-winning communications expert, designing and delivering bespoke training and mentoring solutions internationally. His work helps individuals and organisations working in government, finance, energy and technology to better identify risks and opportunities, and make more-informed decisions faster. Henry spends his time between Prague and London. www.atlas-analytics.co.uk

This event is free of charge.

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