09:00 - 10:30
British Embassy Prague
Thunovská 14, Praha
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The British Chamber of Commerce and Prague Security Studies Institute invite you to join a seminar

Spread of Russian Disinformation, How to Defend, Not Support, and Protect Your Brand

Seminar on disinformation, online advertising and social responsibility

In connection with the current situation in Ukraine, the planned seminar is gaining another dimension:

  • How disinformation channels support Russia in connection with the Russian invasion of Ukraine
  • How disinformations are spread and financed
  • How to defend and protect your brand

The aim of the seminar is to help companies with brand safety and ethical business by preventing unconscious funding of disinformation websites through advertising. Many brands advertise their products and services on toxic sites through programmatic purchases and online auctions without even knowing it, increasing the income of these sites. According to estimates, they earn around CZK 190,000 per month which, given their relatively small number and low operational costs, secures their operation.

The common effort is to make non-advertising on disinformation websites an ethical standard for business owners, directors, brand managers, employees in advertising, media and PR agencies. This is important not only for the social reputation and business plans of the companies themselves, but it will also contribute to the cultivation of the whole society and the advertising industry itself.


  • Kristína Šefčíková (Project Manager, PSSI), provides an introduction on how disinformation narratives work in the online space and are monetized by disinformation websites, with a follow-up by Robert Břešťan (editor in chief, HlidaciPes.org)
  • Alena Zikmundová (Fair Advertising), describes real life examples of inappropriate placement of advertising on disinformation websites, including showcasing how advertised messages can be in harsh conflict with the message of an article
  • Roman Číhalík (NELEŽ), speaks about why and HOW advertising creators decided to fight against advertising on disinformation websites
  • Evžen Chlanda (Marketing Director, Provident Financial), presents an advertising strategy on controlling the spread of misinformation


Refreshments (food & drinks) will be provided.