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The British Chamber of Commerce and Bureau van Dijk, A Moody´s Analytics Company cordially invite you to attend the webinar How Better Data Can Help Mitigate Risk Without Impacting on Business Growth.

In this complimentary seminar we will discuss:

  • The challenge of mitigating risk vs. business growth
  • Assessing risk of counterparties; the information challenge – getting your data right

Speaker: Andrej Kovacik | Compliance Team Leader at Bureau van Dijk

About: Today´s firms are facing extreme uncertainty and increasing risk. Whether buying selling or trading, managing risk is vital for firms survival and growth.

Faced with today´s razor-thin margins, firms must be able to monitor all risks  – holistically, effectively and in real time. This brings technological and information challenge to the centre, such as getting the right data source, connecting multiple systems and implementing new technologies to support this holistic approach to risk.

Attendance: Free of charge


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