13:45 - 19:00
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Participate in a free New Generation of Founders online workshop and develop your business ideas! New Generation of Founders is a part of a Grow with Google Programme.

Design Thinking is one of the methods Google uses to develop innovative products and ideas, and can be the start of your start-up.

At the workshop, you will learn the basics of Design Thinking:

  • How to empathise with the user
  • How to think creatively
  • How to prototype

Design Thinking is a user-centred problem solving method. It begins with an understanding of user needs, continues with research into innovative solutions, and ends with rapid prototyping.

At the New Generation of Founders workshop, you will meet new people with different types of experience and diverse interests. Go through all the steps of a design process, with a bit of theoretical introduction and lots of practical exercises.

Do you already have a business idea or problem that you need to solve? Perfect! In our workshop, you will understand what is the nature of the problem, how to empathise with the user and how to test and improve your product.

Who can participate?
The programme has been designed for anyone who wants to use Design Thinking to try to grow their business or create new projects and businesses. Students or young professionals from any field can participate.

Attendance is free of charge