14:00 - 18:00
DUP 36
Charvátova 39/10, Praha
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British Chamber of Commerce is a partner of upcoming Ginfest

Visitors can enjoy a wide range of dozens brands of gin and tonic. True gin enthusiasts will be able to attend seminars about the history and production of gin. Ginfest organizes Barlife, a B2B beverage magazine published since 2004.

Tickets can be purchased at http://www.ginfest.cz/cs/vstupenky

“Gin is experiencing a great renaissance in the world and our country. Category of imported gin in the Czech Republic grew by 23 % per year. Our market keeps bringing new brands experimenting with flavored gins, creating new tonics for the perfect combination of Gin & Tonic. That’s why we decided to re-organize Ginfest to help the public to be experienced with the current offer,” says Martin Kraut, Barlife editor and Ginfest organizer.

Visitors will have the opportunity to spend a pleasant Saturday afternoon in the company of established brands and lesser-known gins from different parts of Europe. Of course visitors can taste whichever of exhibited gins for special prices. Who is interested not only in taste, but also some information about the history and manufacture of gin, can attend seminars. They learn, for example, about non-typical botanicals which can be used in gin or taste of gin that is aged in a barrel. In short, it is something to look forward to.

You can taste more than 35 brands of gin and tonics from eight exhibitors. You can taste for first time OMFG 2017, limited edition by the Czech distiller Martin Žufánek. Don‘t miss this opportunity, ticket are already on sale!