17:00 - 20:30
Registration at 16:30
Winternitzova vila
Na Cihlářce 10, Praha 5
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Indulge in a slice of one of the finest British traditions with BCC at Villa Winternitz built by Adolf Loos and Karel Lhota in 1932.

This unforgettable experience will be followed by garden party, bubbles and oysters.

Registration: 4.30pm
Tea serving: 5.00pm
Garden party: 6.00pm – 10.00pm

The ritual of tea at five o’clock will be led by Mrs. Kateřina Braithwaite

“Drinking tea in a proper English way is a quintessential part of the British dining culture – and of my trainings about the international etiquette. My clients, bankers, CEOs, members of Parliament and businessmen love to have a “proper” cup of tea with me. And they are always surprised that it is not just about to drink tea – we will see. Looking forward to share some secret tips with you,” says Kateřina.

Kateřina Braithwaite More 28 years of studying abroad (graduated as a system engineer), then working for international corporations, travelling around the world and meeting, negotiating and dining with people from different cultures awoke in me the need to understand what the differences are in manners and etiquette to avoid any potential faux pax.

One of the reasons why I have decided to study business and diplomatic etiquette materialized from a course I attended at the Diplomatic Academy years ago. What was my passion has become my profession. I left the corporate world and has become a coach, trainer and adviser.

Dress code: business casual