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Are you considering the innovation of the finance function in your company in the context of dynamic transformation of the current world of finance, which makes such high demands on it? The mere analysis of prior periods is not enough any more. What constitutes a prerequisite for the successful operation of your business is also the targeted focus on the future. Individual visions must then be supplemented by specific data and scenarios, including the agile response to the constant changes.

If you are looking for specific possibilities how to reform the finance function in your company, how to get ready for new challenges and increase the added value for your business, join us for our online seminar.

We will discuss how to approach financial transformation from the perspective of automation, efficiency as well as the ideal combination of skills and knowledge of your finance teams. We will also present to you some specific solutions to increase process efficiency which companies currently prefer.

Our special guest, the economist Dominik Stroukal, will also share his opinions on the transformation and the future of finance in light of the current economic trends, increasing prices, and lack of personnel.



Financial trends and challenges, Dominik Stroukal, economist

Future of finance and how to handle it, Lucie Hanzlová, Finance Consulting Team Leader, PwC

Transformation of the finance function: processes, efficiency, and people Examples of specific automation processes, Tereza Kobetičová, Finance Consulting Manager, PwC, Radek Levíček, IT delivery specialist, automation and robotisation

Benefits and challenges of hybrid workplace, Anna Kopečková, Finance Consulting, PwC

Any queries can be made throughout the webinar via our live chat. Webinar will be held in Czech

Attendance is free of charge.

Feel free to contact Jan Hlaváč, jan.hlavac@pwc.com, with respect to any programme and organisation issues related to the event