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Equilibrium I 5th Workshop for Mentors and Mentees with Cristina Muntean

Personal Branding – Your Ultimate Empowerment Tool with Cristina Muntean

Imagine a world where your name has the power to open any door. When people hear it, their eyes spark with excitement at the prospect of listening to you or working with you.

How would it be living in such a world? How would it be to manage your career or business in such a world?

My name is Cristina Muntean and I am a personal branding trainer, mentor and coach for leaders and future leaders. Welcome to a three-hour deep virtual immersion into the world of personal branding.

In this highly interactive workshop we will:

  • Define personal branding and understand why it is absolutely essential to make our names more visible and respected on our markets;
  • Provide a framework for how to think about personal branding and building a sustainable personal communication strategy;
  • Reflect on your key stakeholders and identify those with whom you need to communicate more to increase the value of your name;
  • Identify your key communication channels and focus only on those that make sense to enjoy higher returns for your communications;
  • Learn how to measure your personal branding efforts and how to protect it in case of major career, business and life events.
  • Mainly we will learn why we need to see, cherish and protect our names so they can truly start to shine, open doors for us and take our careers, business and lives to the next level. The new world that we are creating right now needs more powerful and visible women. You are one of them.



Cristina Muntean is a consultant, trainer, mentor and coach who specializes in personal branding, strategic communications, emotional and systemic intelligence for leadership. A former journalist with more than 12 years of experience in the Czech, Romanian and international media, she founded Media Education CEE, a consultancy and people development agency in Prague in May 2010.

Her clients are executive level managers and entrepreneurs with Top100 companies in the Czech Republic and Central and Eastern Europe. She is also the author of You, the Brand – Personal Branding for Career Growth, the first book on personal branding written directly in Czech by a non-native speaker.

She is also an internationally certified trainer and coach with the Enneagram, a complex system of personal development, and a facilitator of systemic dynamics in organizations. She provides services in English, Czech, French and Romanian, her mother tongue. Cristina can be reached at +420 776 574 925 or at cm@cristinamuntean.com.


This workshop is intended only for mentors and mentees of the current edition of the Equilibrium programme.