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Equilibrium I 4th Workshop for Mentors and Mentees with Brigitte Lintner


Dear Mentors and Mentees,


we have prepared another excellent workshop for you, this time with Brigitte Lintner, our Steering Committee member – Business Model you – or how you can create your future. This workshop takes place online.


Brigitte Lintner about the workshop:


“The workshop, taking place around half term of the program ( face to face or on line) will be an opportunity to check where we started the mentoring journey, where we are now AND where we want to go/ be at the end of the program (the future).”


“I will be introducing a few models and methods that help to take “inventory” of the status quo and plan what the future could  and should bring. The  workshop is very interactive  – you are invited to work with each other, listen to each other, challenge each other, share blind spots  and have a chance to get to know  participants a bit better once again. You can also assess what you need in order to reach your goal, who can support you and how you can “test” your own “business model”. It is a great opportunity to celebrate what participants have achieved so far and it is a space for sharing between Mentors and Mentees.”


“As always I provide a 100% SAFE SPACE AND CONFIDENTIALITY.”



This workshop is for this year’s Mentors and Mentees.