09:00 - 11:00
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Equilibrium I 3rd Workshop for Mentors and Mentees with Eva Shaw

Personal Development and Career Management 2021 and Beyond:


Personal Development – Improving Awareness and Identity, developing Talent and potential, and building human capital – this will include intrinsic learning, reading, communication,  hobbies, volunteering etc – building a more all rounded skill set.


  • Career Management – Career Distinction – what makes you stand out – personal brand will go into: more detail on CV’s, – AI and algorithms used, importance of  linked in profile, networking, internal sponsorship and being prepared for the next step both internally and externally.


  • 2  hour workshop open to all but would imagine mainly mentees although some new mentors may wish to join.


  • Will discuss how to be prepared with linked in profiles, CV’s and online interviews.


  • How to gain visibility online.


This workhops is for mentors and mentees of the current edition of the Equilibrium Programme 2020/2021.