16:00 - 18:00
British Embassy Prague
Thunovská 14, Praha
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We are pleased to invite you to a lecture given by Prof. Dr. Miroslav Bárta, Omat Koleitat (CEO at Crestyl) and Karla Sirota, MBA, which focuses on changes and the role of Islam in the contemporary world.

Even today, it may seem that the development of any complex society is completely random and plays out over time according to “as though” it is a totally different scenario. It is true that each and every society and civilisation in many respects are unique and differ from one another spiritually, culturally and technologically, not to mention possessing varying geographical determinations. On the other hand, we have recently succeeded in defining certain common characteristics and mechanisms, which function reliably and occur irrespective of the developmental context. Moreover, it even seems that the application of this theory has considerable predictive potential and is not only applicable to the development of civilisation.
How should we react to the dynamics of the contemporary world and what direction and character does our civilization have? Professor Bárta, Director of the Czech Institute of Egyptology, will be able to answer your questions in an open discussion.


Prof. Dr. Miroslav Bárta, Czech Institute of Egyptology, Charles University

Omar Koleilat, CEO, Crestyl

Karla Sirota, MBA, Founder, I.C.P.


Registration starts at 15:30.

All proceeds for this event will go to support the Pink Crocodile Charity.