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The BCC cordially invites you to join the webinar Digital age after the Covid-19 depression: How to get your company ready for the digital age after the Covid-19 depression. Speaker of the event will be Jan Janča.

Measures taken worldwide in response to the COVID-19 pandemic have triggered an economic depression that will affect businesses in all areas of business. Quarantine, restriction of movement, closed businesses and other steps taken by the government have accelerated rapid and permanent changes in the behaviour of people, companies and authorities with a dominant element – digitalisation. How can you get your company ready for the digital age? We will share with you a number of tips, best practises and lessons learned.

Jan Janča

Jan Janča

CEO and Chief ideologist at digital agency Cognito.cz, co-founder of Gauss Algorithmic, company focused on big data analysis, machine learning and predictive analytics, co-founder of personalisation and behavioural advertisement system Colpirio.com, and also partner in innovation hub MindForge. Jan Janča is also a mentor at TagPicker.com and a strategist for digitisation of municipalities at PinCity.cz.