09:00 - 11:00
British Chamber of Commerce
Na Florenci 15, Praha
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Come and join the workshop of Pavel Novák – Negotiations trainer & Game changer and get to know how cultural diversity between Czechs and Brits really works in business negotiations.

“National culture, has a powerful but often invisible impact on the success of global companies. For a German and a Finn, the truth is the truth. In Japan and Britain it is all right if it doesn’t rock the boat. In China there is no absolute truth. In Italy it is negotiable.” (Richard D Lewis, author of cross cultural bestseller When Cultures Collide).

Is it also true when Czechs and Brits do business? How do we differ in the way we negotiate, the way we listen, or the way we give feedback? Why is that and what can we do about it? Explore the Richard D. Lewis’ model of crosscultural communication, and raise your awareness of the two cultures.