09:00 - 13:00
British Chamber of Commerce
Václavské náměstí 19, Prague
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The British Chamber of Commerce is inviting you for the ConductVision workshop – Rethinking Human Skills and Organisations in the Age of Innovation.

Global change, pandemic, new technologies, the emergence of a very diverse workforce are accelerating at unbelievable speed. The pandemic opened our eyes to the fact that what was yesterday, might not be today. Uncertainty is our new reality. Embracing innovation and growth, companies are seeking collaboration with other industries, bringing on more challenges and misunderstandings.


Technological disruption and the ongoing pandemic have put pressure on companies and individuals to rethink their organisational models and explore new individual skills and behaviours. As a result, many of us, whether we are in a leadership position or member of a team, are currently feeling overwhelmed searching for ideas, answers, new frameworks and solutions. Mental health, purpose and meaning have taken a new meaning.

Where to look for ideas and possible solutions?

In this introductory workshop we will introduce you to the innovative mindset.

Utilising the concept of learning from others, transferring ideas and skills from different industries, we will explore skills and behaviours of artists, musicians and music teams, known for possessing an exceptional mindset able to constantly reinvent themselves. Their skills and behaviours include a wide range of tools that help them navigate through change, disruption and challenges.


Today, embracing different perspectives and mindsets is not a luxury but a necessity in moving individuals and organisations forward. 

This workshop will be led by Bibi Pelic and Ulrike Michel-Schneider. Refreshments (food & drinks) will be provided.