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Based on your request we have postponed this event to 21 May 2020!

We have transferred the most popular Blind Wine Tasting Business Mixer into cyberspace!

How does it work?

Based on recent government guidelines allowing a maximum of 10 people together, it is important to call your friends or family but not to forget to keep the distance between each other.

To be a part of this event, all you have to do is purchase six bottles of delicious wines from Tempo Allegro, the partner of the event. After purchasing, bottles will be delivered to you by Tempo Allegro, already covered with a black foil. The bottles will be numbered.

Premek Vesely, the owner of Tempo Allegro and Silvia Busniakova will guide you through the blind tasting, describing the wine, live from the Tempo Allegro bar through the Zoom!

We will start with white wines and you will deliberate results after each wine (before you forget!)

Please use the spittoon as much as you can because otherwise you will get drunk 🙂

If you feel like you cannot drink all the wines, give some bottles to your neighbours or cook something from one of the great recipes that we will provide!

Wine package contains these wines:

Red wines:

  • Chianti, Telle del Bruno, Italy 2017
  • Tepranillo, Protocolo, Spain, 2018
  • Ventoux, La Vieille, Famille Perrin, France, 2018

White wines:

  • Pinot Grigio, Bidoli, Italiy,  2018
  • Sauvignon,  Winery, Jaroslav Spěvák, ČR 2018
  • Chardonnay, Grand Burge, Australia 2018

Price includes: 6 bottles, Prague delivery, wines wrapped in foil, playing cards, recipes for cooking 🙂

Register by 17 May 2020

Invoice will be issued by Tempo Allegro DIRECTLY, they will communicate with you about delivery etc.
After registering to this event, you are obligated to pay your invoice within 24 hours after issuing.

Delivery in Prague is free, we will charge for delivery outside Prague.

Partner of the event: