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On 12 October, members of BCC & Equilibrium had the chance to have an inside look into the world of the incredibly talented and renowned Czech actress Anna Geislerová, who is known for portraying strong, independent women on screen, which resonates with the values we hold dear in the Chamber.

The stage was set at none other than the British Embassy in Prague, and the warm welcome by the U.K. Ambassador in the Czech Republic, Matt Field, for which we are very grateful, set the tone for an engaging conversation.

In an interview with the BCC Managing Director Silvia Bušniaková, Anna revealed her unlimited creativity in acting, writing and creating. Her stories about her career and juggling it all as a mom were seriously inspiring. As a cherry on top, today, Anna launched her new book.

An apparent love at first sight for the Jaguars from Albion Cars was evident. Both Anna and Silvia are proud ambassadors of Albion Cars, and their affection for the beautiful vehicles was hard to miss. Both Anna Geislerová and the cars undoubtedly stole the show.


Interview Host

Anna Geislerová

Anna Geislerová began her career as a fashion model. However, after her initial experiences in film acting, she started to focus on her acting career. In front of the camera, she has portrayed more than two dozen film and television roles, with her characters often being those of destiny, non-conformity, and free-spiritedness. She has also appeared in foreign films and music videos, distinguishing herself with the highest number of Czech Lion awards among Czech actresses.

Anna Geislerová’s talents extend beyond the world of cinema. In 2016, she won the Magnesia Litera Award for her book titled “P.S.”

Anna Geislerová is also involved in television and has ventured into entrepreneurship, managing her own confectionery business and co-organizing charitable bazaars.


Interview Moderator 

Silvia Bušniaková

Managing Director at the British Chamber of Commerce


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