18:00 - 21:00
Registration at 17:50
The PUB Prague 6
Československé armády 785/22, Prague
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On 28 March, the British Chamber of Commerce organized the long-awaited BCC Pub Quiz in The PUB Praha 6. The quiz was run by The English College in Prague students who prepared some really tricky questions and overall created a competitive and tense atmosphere on this Tuesday night.

Besides a relatively comprehensive test of participants’ knowledge, this Pub Quiz was a fantastic opportunity to meet new business partners in a very casual setting, which was reinforced by the possibility of unlimited consumption of beer.

In the very fierce battle for victory, the CEC Group did eventually pull ahead and won this year’s BCC Pub Quiz. Congratulations! Thank you all for coming and see you again soon!


Quiz was run by students of

The BCC Pub Quiz Night Business Mixer was sold out! Thank you all!