30/05/2024 - 13/06/2024
09:00 - 12:00
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Are you looking for ways how to improve your professional and personal life? Do you want to achieve inner harmony and work-life balance? Dive deep into workshops designed to equip you with the tools you need to thrive in every aspect of life.

From preventing burnout to unlocking your inner motivation and fostering a positive mindset, the sessions offer practical tips and tricks for a more fulfilling time. Get to know how to program your mind to success and positivity and how to set your strategy to have work and life in harmony.

Burnout syndrome prevention

  • Stress (what is it, when and why it happened, how to eliminate it)
  • Burnout syndrome (how to recognize it and tips on how to overcome it)
  • How to build and keep energy
  • FLOW (why to be in and how to get into it)
  • Mindfulness and stress relief techniques

  • Motivation via purpose, mastery and autonomy
  • Tips on how to motivate others
  • Imposter syndrome (what is it, how to beat it)
  • Who or what controls my life (change of mind which leads to positivity)
  • Positive psychology and its aspects (tips on how to increase the feelings of authentic happiness and wellbeing)
  • Positive self-talk and its power (to practice positive self-talk)
  • How to put positive psychology into practice

  • Wellbeing meaning
  • 5 ways to improve our wellbeing right now
  • Tips on how to program the mind into a more positive approach
  • Positive approach to try in the workplace to get and give better results
  • Work-life balance (tips on how to have it in life)
  • Self-reflection (to set own strategy to have work-life in harmony)
  • Ten tips that lead to a more meaningful and fulfilled life

Your Lector

Adéla Karlovská
Lecturer, Management Consultant, SCRUM Master and Personal Development Coach with NLP

In 2010, Adéla faced burnout, not just from overwork, but also from a life in disarray, haunted by unresolved childhood traumas. Determined to overcome, she immersed herself in courses, studies, and therapies, embracing coaching as a path to healing. Today, as an accredited coach, certified Scrum Master, and advocate for women’s intimacy, Adéla merges diverse modalities—from NLP to integrative constellations—to guide others toward self-discovery and fulfilment. Her approach is as unique as each individual she works with, blending personal coaching, mentoring, and energetic practices rooted in Feng Shui philosophy.

Attendance fees:
Members’ price: CZK 4 800  + VAT + 15 CZK service fee

Non-members’ price: CZK 6 720 + VAT + 15 CZK service fee

Corporate price (3 and more participants): 15 % discount – To register for corporate price please contact tatiana.levko@britcham.cz

The minimum number of participants is 6 people. In the event that the capacity is not met, the event will be cancelled.

Please be advised that photographs might be taken at the event for use on the BCC website, BCC marketing materials, and other publications. By entering this event, you consent to the photographing and using your image and likeness.