17:00 - 19:30
Registration at 16:30
Jalta Hotel Praha
Václavské nám. 45, Praha
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On October 8th, 2019 BCC hosted Alexandra Alvarová for a networking session and discussion on ‘Battlefields of the Mind – Propaganda & Fake News’ at the Jalta Hotel. Alvarová spoke about reflexive control and used concrete examples in the US and UK of how media and information is prepared to evoke a desired, specific reaction. Her core concepts surround the information war and the ultimate value of truth. Alvarová also spoke about the vulnerability of the older and younger generations to consume fake news, and about GDPR and the next steps on regulation of propaganda. The event was followed with a Q&A with Alvarová to give members time to ask questions about how the information war affects their fields of work.

Alex Alvarova

Alexandra Alvarova is a recognized authority in political marketing and public relations, a sought-after seminar leader, facilitator, and public speaker. In 2017 she wrote The Industry of Lies, a non-fiction work that introduces, outlines and fully supports a core concept: “Russia used the 2013 presidential election in the Czech Republic as a trial run to perfect its hybrid-warfare aggression for altering the outcome of the 2016 US Presidential elections.”