08/04/2021 - 06/05/2021
09:00 - 13:00
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4th BCC Leadership Academy with MgC Group – Adéla Karlovská

The British Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic and MgC Group, are announcing 4th BCC Leadership Academy.

Became a real leader and understand, how to create an effective team, how to become valuable manager who is able to lead teams and meetings. Learn about mentoring and coaching methods & get to know how to work with stress, burn out syndrome and conflicts.

Length: 4 hours (with one break)

Group size: 8 – 12 participants

Language used: all materials will be in English. The discussions may be in Czech depending on the mix of participants.


Roster of the workshops:

Session 1: Coaching and mentoring

  • What is coaching, mentoring – difference
  • Who is coach, mentor, manager and leader
  • Fixed vs growth mindset of leader
  • Rules of coaching and mentoring interview
  • GROW, SMART method
  • Coaching questions
  • SWOT analysis with connection to “my leadership” – I leader
  • Psyché (process of change, mind area, how brain works, Maslow hierarchy of needs)
April 8, 2021
Session 2: Presentation skills

  • Non-verbal communication
  • How to assemble presentation (methods, tips, what yes and no during presentation)
  • How presentation shall start and be closed
  • Rules for presenter
  • Work with stress
  • Work with voice, body and stage-fright during presentation
  • Own motivation and motivation of team
  • VUCA time
  • Agility and agile appriach of leaders
April 15, 2021
Session 3: Communication and conflicts

  • Communication, assertiveness, kind communication
  • Negotiation
  • Conflict (each phases of conflict, how to deal with it, emotion in conflict)
  • Nonverbal communication
  • Work with character profile within team (HBDI method – brain scan, who am I, who are you)
  • Stress, burn out syndrome
April 22, 2021
Session 4: Feedback and appraisal

  • Leadership styles in VUCA time
  • When, who and how to provide with feedback
  • Appraisal interview rules
  • Rules for giving and receiving feedback
  • Structure of feedback
  • Positive vs. negative feedback
  • Setting of team´s KPI
  • New approach in appraisal
  • Delegation and rules for delegation
  • Agile approach – team dynamics (stages of team development, what leadership methods are used in each stage)
April 29, 2021
Session 5: Leading of meetings

  • Preparation of the meeting agenda
  • Preparation before the meeting
  • Home office
  • Long distance meeting / remote management
  • Roles of participants and meeting leaders
  • Work with “disobedient” participants
  • Time management and effective tips
  • Procrastination
  • Agility and agile method SCRUM (used for work organization and meetings)
May 6, 2021

Should you be interested for more details, contact us at anna.cimburkova@britcham.cz or visit www.britishchamber.cz