15:00 - 18:00
Registration at 14:45
Jalta Hotel Praha
Václavské nám. 45, Praha
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How to approach changes in life and at work – MENTEES

Hereby we kindly invite you to the 3rd Mentees’ Workshop with Iva Linda Maruščáková – Assessment Systems.

Read more about Assessment Systems HERE.


Change is a pertinent part of our daily lives. In today’s fast-changing world it presents an advantage—if we know how to work with it effectively. This workshop is aimed to inspire you on how to manage change simply and effectively. Creating a mindset where change is perceived as an opportunity which we will showcase how to recognize, develop, and consequently use for your empowerment. The workshop will offer a modern perspective on this topic based on the latest theories and views of psychology and coaching for change management—not only for the role of a mentee but also for your professional life.




This workshop is intended ONLY FOR MENTEES of the Equilibrium 2019.

Refreshment is included.

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