05/11/2021 - 03/12/2021
09:00 - 12:30
British Chamber of Commerce
Václavské náměstí 19, Prague
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1st BCC The Art of Sales Academy with Rene Beauchamp

The British Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic and Rene Beauchamp, are announcing 1st BCC The Art of Sales Academy.


… so now what ? … Life of Sales and Marketing after a Pandemic and return to a different approach to doing sales and marketing.

An exciting and innovative series of workshops developed by Rene Beauchamp; Hospitality Specialist with over 40 years of experience in Hotels, will take you on a Sales & Marketing journey for today’s global business environment.

With his great experience working and traveling the world, Rene will share practical information, facilitate on the spot presentations where you do the work and guide you to improve your selling skills and build your confidence along the way, allowing you to better connect with your business partners and associates.

Divided in 5 distinct workshops with the participation of all attendees, the course will provide insights, tips and tools and personal & professional experience examples:


  1. The Art of Sales & Marketing I – What does it take to be a great Sales Manager.
  2. The Art of Sales & Marketing II – What does it take to be a great Sales Manager.
  3. Service expectations in today’s world – Serve locally, think globally.  The difference between good and great service, be the leader in your field.
  4. Etiquette in today’s work environment – Emotional Intelligence in & out of work. Build confidence in any social environment.
  5. Conduct an impactful presentation – Help your team to achieve the same. Tips & Tools to improve your presentation skills.

Length: 2,5 hours, the academy will take place at the BCC office meeting room (if possible due to governmental restrictions)

Group size: 8 – 12 participants

Language used: all materials will be in English

Who should attend: Intended for Sales Managers, Director of Sales and Director of Marketing & Communication.  The session will particularly be very beneficial for managers who are responsible for leading a team and have revenue responsibilities.


Content of workshops:


The Art of Sales & Marketing


  • Skilled or Trained Sales management ? – Discussion
  • Qualities & Skills of Sales Manager – Discussion
  • The Role of Sales and how it is changing today – How can you get on board – Redefining your sales skills
  • Understanding & Defend Revenue Goals
  • The various tools of Sales manager; Collateral / photography & tools to create an exciting & enticing presentation
  • Communication Style – Individual Exercise & how to understand 6 different styles/personalities
  • Connecting with your clients – The Art of Small talk leading to business
  • Art of Impactful presentation – Role Play presentation for each attendes


The Art of Sales & Marketing – Suite


  • Any Questions ? – The art of Questions leading to great service :
    Who,what, where, when & Why and how to ask the right questions.
    Listen, Listen
  • Features & Benefits – Overcoming obstacles – Give it your best shot !
  • Understand your competition – SWOT Analysis – What sets you apart & why you need to know
  • The Art of Negotiations – closing the deal…if you want it, go and get it !
  • From a proposal to a final contract – In your clients shoes


The Art of Service


  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and yes, you can ALWAYS improve.
  • How to prepare for a client
  • Why should I go with you ? Prove it to me !
  • Oops I made a mistake… how to recover – 7 Steps to complaint recovery
  • You are selling yourself… how to be Ambassador of your own brand


Etiquette In & Out of the workplace


  • Emotionally Intelligent Sales Manager, what you need to know
  • But I am quite shy… the art of small talk, leading to doing business
  • You are invited… Your responsibility as a guest
  • The art of welcome – Telephone / Email / Correspondence manners
  • Table Manners and the art of conversation


An Impactful presentation


  • The Art of Sales – Some good old fashion tips & tools – Joe Girard
  • Leading a team – Sales is not a One Man show – How to motivate and inspire your team
  • Practice makes perfect – Make a presentation and YOU will be the judges. Each participant to present in front of the entire group & critique one another.


Overall, you can learn a lot from a job in sales. You develop skills that otherwise do not get much attention. The five major lessons that you will learn in sales is being comfortable speaking with new people, dealing with rejection, persuading, listening more than talking, prioritizing, and self-disciplining.

Attendance fee

Ticket Type Price Spaces
Member price + Equilibrium participants (excl. VAT) 4,900.00 CZK
Non-member price (excl. VAT) 7,900.00 CZK

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