NewsElderly are as fragile as a Christmas tree ornament – Please help the most vulnerable!

Our member – a not-for-profit organization Sue Ryder – launched its traditional Christmas request – Elderly are as fragile as a Christmas tree ornament.

The director Matěj Lejsal remembers how some time ago Mrs Danuše (97 years old), Sue Ryder’s client, told him a story from her childhood.

“As a child, I feared walking along a narrow log across the stream. Do you know what helped me? A simple thread that I could hold on to. If I lost my balance, the thread definitely would not hold me. But it gave me a sense of security and I got over that log!”



We believe we all have similar threads. Faith, small rituals, familiar objects, loved ones… They give us hope that we can handle even challenging life events with dignity.

However, the threads of those who need Sue Ryder’s help have been broken by illness, injury, loss of self-sufficiency or the death of a partner. Almost 10,600 people ask for help every year!

Please, join our member Sue Ryder and help old people and their carers to tie back these threads.

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Thank you for your generosity from the bottom of our hearts.