NewsDonate your old running shoes and get new ones with a 42% discount with RunCzech!

When helping others is also about doing something for yourself.

The New for Old campaign supports and celebrates the desire to help. In this case, a good deed is more pleasant because you also get something for yourself. Donate your old running shoes in the period from November 1 to December 1 and get new ones with 42% off. For the fifth time RunCzech is organizing a beneficent event in Prague Running Mall and the collected shoes will go to clients of Czech charity – Armáda spásy.

All runners who pass their old sports shoes to the charity collection at Running Mall will receive a voucher for an exclusive 42% discount valid in RunCzech Store on selected running shoes. It is important to bring the shoes in person, and you can choose a new one straight away, or you will receive a voucher, which you can give to someone as a gift.

Our philosophy “ALL RUNNERS ARE BEAUTIFUL” moves the running world, in which we organize events for tens of thousands of people. Every individual is important for us and I am always happy when our event helps people in need,” said Carlo Capalbo, president of the RunCzech organizing committee.

The event starts on November 1 and will last throughout November. By donating running shoes of any brand, amateur runners will be doing a good deed. The collection of athletic shoes will go to the Armáda spásy (Salvation Army), which will ensure that the shoes get back into circulation and will still serve the people who need them well until they are completely worn out.

“It is our pleasure that we can join RunCzech in this special beneficent event. Therefore I would like to thank to all who care about people in need. This event helps people with incredible difficult life stories who try with great desire not to lose their run for life. And we are here to help them,” said Kateřina Ramaislová from Armáda spásy (Salvation Army).

The campaign will also be tied to special runs and events at Running Mall!



Important questions to get 42% discount at RunCzech Store:

  • What shoes can I donate? You can donate any kind of sports shoes. The condition is that they must be clean and still in usable condition. The promotion does not apply to boots, sandals, flip-flops, etc. All shoes will be inspected before being handed in.
  • Does the brand of shoes matter? It doesn’t matter. We accept all brands of running shoes. As a reward, you will receive a voucher for the purchase of new shoes with a 42% discount at the RunCzech Store.
  • Where can I bring my shoes? clean and usable shoes to the Running Mall in Františka Křížka 11, Prague 7.
  • Can I only bring shoes without buying new shoes? Of course. All shoes collected are intended for charitable purposes.
  • When do I get a voucher for a discount? You will get a voucher immediately after you hand in your old shoes.
  • Where can I redeem the voucher and what is the validity of the voucher? The voucher for the purchase of new shoes with a 42% discount can be redeemed at the RunCzech Store during the event period, i.e. 1.11.2022-1.12.2022. The promotion is valid only in this brick-and-mortar store.
  • Where can I find more information? On the website