NewsDisaster Aid Europe Turkey & Syria Appeal – any support is welcome!

Disaster Aid Europe z.s, a Rotary Club Prague International project, is raising funds to help the victims of the Turkey & Syria earthquakes. To donate, please go to the following website: and click on the red button: ‘Donate Now’. Thank you! 

The Turkish Embassy in Prague released a list of needed items; however, DAE’s liaison with the Embassy shared the priority items they wish to receive: winter tents, blankets, sleeping bags, heaters and solar lamps. The Embassy will then fly this aid out to Turkey to the victims. They request that the same items are placed in the same bag or box with a list of items inside and a list taped on the outside.

Disaster Aid Europe raises funds to purchase these priority items (at a discounted price!): winter tents, blankets, sleeping bags, heaters and solar lamps.
You can donate at this link:

You can also bring any such items you may have and donate them:

  1. New or slightly used items in perfect condition are preferred
  2. Put different items in separate boxes/bags and label the boxes/bags, both inside and on the outside)
  3. Bring them to Disaster Aid Europe collection point at the reception of Hotel International, Koulova 15, 160 45 Prague 6.

The hotel is a supporter of DAEurope and is happy to receive these items if they are told that these items are for Disaster Aid Europe; they will then place them in our DAEurope dedicated storage area. DAEurope will then transfer them to the Turkish Embassy.

Read the full appeal here.