NewsDeloitte’s new campaign “Making an impact that matters” encourages society to extraordinary feats: 8 stories that matter

Deloitte brings a new campaign entitled “Making an impact that matters”. In eight videos, it presents eight different personalities that contribute to the development of society through their activities. A surgeon, a nun, an IT expert, a designer, a monsignor, an artist, a patron and aristocrat, and a businessman speak about what matters to them in life. The aim of the project is to draw attention to unique stories full of courage, confidence, enthusiasm, experience and knowledge – values that are also represented by the Deloitte brand.

Every person has a different story. Deloitte selected 8 people from various social spheres who help others. The new campaign stars surgeon Tomáš Šebek, IT expert Barbora Bühnová, sister Angelika, the founder of Designblok Jana Zielenski, monsignor Josef Suchár, patron and aristocrat Constantine Kinský, artist Tomáš Töpfer and businessman Zdeněk Frolík.

“The life philosophy of the protagonists of our campaign is the need to help others, which they consider to be a natural part of their lives. The aim of the project as a whole is to draw attention to these unique people, to spread their life experience further and to inspire others based on that,” says Diana Rádl Rogerová, the Office Managing Partner of Deloitte Czech Republic, adding: We are a strong and stable brand; society has helped us achieve our success and we want to give back to it. It is impossible to just do business, you have to take interest in what happens around you and give society something back with added value. For this reason, we decided to capture the stories that should not be forgotten.”

The project also includes a competition entitled “Stories of things that matter”. Anyone can write up their story about what they think matters in twenty sentences, or send tips on people who have done such things. Deloitte will reward the author of the best contribution by filming their story and treating them to a lunch with the Office Managing Partner Diana Rádl Rogerová.

More information including the videos can be found on the project website: