NewsDeloitte – Tech Trends 2019: AI, Experience Marketing and Smart IoT

In the last decade, trends such as cloud, data analytics, blockchain or cognitive or digital reality influenced significantly practically all sectors in industry and services. In the coming period, the business sector, marketing and services will be significantly influenced by artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT) interconnected with 5G networks or a new generation of marketing tools and processes. These are the key trends summarised in the latest Deloitte study Tech Trends 2019: Beyond the digital frontier.

According to more than a thousand of CIOs addressed as part of the study, international corporations and other large companies see the top benefits of AI in enhancing products (44%), internal processes optimisation (42%) and improved decision-making processes (35%).

“The role of AI in companies will grow fast. In the current IT environment, cognitive tools have become a standard already. In the coming years, AI will serve not only to enhance employee performance but mainly to automate a range of business and operational processes,” says Štěpán Húsek, Partner in the Consulting function of Deloitte leading the Technology advisory services team.

According to Deloitte experts, we can expect the full use of IoT potential only with this year’s launch of 5G networks. 5G networks will provide a greater speed of data transfer and lower latency. By 2020, 51 mobile services operators will have launched a network of a new generation.

Social and mobile platforms are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Content management tools or SEO will be replaced with a new generation of marketing tools and techniques. These will focus on customer experience, trust building and engagement and will measure the impact of marketing activities exactly. Deloitte professionals expect that experience marketing based on analytic and cognitive tools will enable a more accurate interpretation of customer behaviour and wishes, and based on the data collected, it will be able to determine the most suitable way of using them.

“CMOs and CIOs will be forced to start using the arsenal of new marketing tools offered to them by emerging technologies. They will be able to understand customers better mainly thanks to data. During a customer decision-making process, analytics will be able to assess in real time what kind of experience it will offer the customer and when. In the end, new technologies should be able to provide the customer with relevant content in the right time,” Štěpán Húsek adds.

Further topics of the Tech Trends 2019 study:

  • NoOps: Cloud computing technology will lead to automation. No special team will be necessary for the management of IT infrastructure and software. Thus, it will be possible to employ more resources on activities that directly support companies’ business results.
  • Intelligent user interface: From traditional communication via keyboard and touch screen we are moving towards communication via voice orders.
  • DevSecOps: It is an abbreviation for development, security and operational. It seeks to automate security tasks from the very beginning of the application development by inserting key security processes and elements into the operation tasks.

You can read the full Tech Trends 2019: Beyond the digital frontier study here.