NewsDeloitte Legal Seeks the Best Legal Innovators

Deloitte Legal announced the first year of the Deloitte Legal Disruptors Awards – a contest for law innovators. Attorneys-at-law, in-house lawyers and other experts including project managers who change the routines of the conservative legal world through their attitudes can be nominated by the public for the contest organised by Deloitte and the Cover Story agency. Both individuals and teams can be nominated by the end of July.

“We do not focus exclusively on the most successful or major innovation. We perceive the disruption in legal services throughout positively. The pandemic enabled progressive lawyers to grow professionally,” said Jan Spáčil, Managing Partner at Deloitte Legal.

“We would like to show that despite the crisis, real innovators can easily handle it. We want to look for those who can inspire a change for the better even in this situation – not only in relation to technology,” Martin Bohuslav, Managing Partner at Deloitte Legal, added.

Experts responsible for innovative projects, attorneys-in-law, in-house lawyers, academics and other legal professionals can be nominated on the webpage The organisers in cooperation with an expert group will announce a shortlist of nominees in August.

A jury consisting of foreign experts, representatives of the project’s partners and Czech innovators will select a winner from the shortlist. The Deloitte Legal Disruptors Awards will be announced in autumn 2020.