NewsDeloitte launches the Best Managed Companies programme

Deloitte launches the global Best Managed Companies (BMC) programme in the Czech Republic to award the best managed privately owned Czech firms. Having received the Best Managed Company certificate, the firms will become part of the global community of best-managed private companies.

In order to qualify for the programme, firms need to meet several basic criteria: their annual revenues are at least CZK 250 million, they have been on the market for at least three years, have more than 15 full-time employees, their majority shares are held by private owners from the Czech (or Slovak) Republic, their headquarters or key management centres are based in the Czech Republic (while operations and production may be located abroad) and they comply with laws, tax regulations and ethical principles.

During the programme, qualified firms will receive professional support from Deloitte’s experienced specialists who will assist them in undertaking a detailed analysis of the firms’ functioning focused on strategic and operational aspects. The firms will also receive an independent benchmarking with the best companies on the global market. At the end of the programme, a jury comprising of leading economic experts will decide on which of the nominated firms will receive the Best Managed Company certificates. Similarly as in other countries, firms may apply and receive the certificates repeatedly.

“The programme applies Deloitte’s proven global methodology to assess the quality of corporate governance and management in areas including strategic direction, productivity and innovations, corporate culture and management structure as well as financial performance,” says Miroslav Svoboda, the leader of Deloitte Private and the Czech Best Managed Companies programme.

The partners of the Czech Best Managed Companies project are the Czech Institute of Directors, the Economia media house, University of Economics, Prague, Technical University of Liberec and University of Finance and Administration.

“We want to give awarded companies access to the leading private firms all over the world. The programme recognises the overall success and quality of companies, including their top management. It also offers them professional support in order to ensure their success in the future,” adds the Chairwoman of the BMC jury and the CEO of theCzech Institute of Directors, Monika Zahálková.

The Best Managed Companies programme was established in 1993 in Canada and has become the most significant business award of its kind. Apart from Canada, it has been awarded now in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, USA, Chile, Mexico, Australia and China. By 2020, the programme will expand to include other key countries, such as France, the United Kingdom and Japan.


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