BCC Covid-19 Fact Sheet

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The fight against coronavirus has affected not only our personal lives, but also the businesses and business activities. For this reason we have prepared this microsite which brings you current information, comments and facts to assist you in these tough times.

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Latest news:

Comment of the British Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic, French-Czech Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic, Nordic Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic and American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic on the Government measure „Program Antivirus“

The spread of the coronavirus has caused an economic crisis as both companies and individuals have decreased demand on a wide range of a product and service. This crisis has been exacerbated by government measures aimed at restricting the rapid growth of infection and loss of life.


Webcast: Home office in quarantine and other questions, April 8, 2020 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. 

In regard to the current situation and the introduction of safety measures against the spreading epidemic, there are certainly many questions that come to mind. For instance, how soon should home office be introduced? What to pay attention to when doing so? How to deal with the quarantine? We prepared for you answers and instructions from the perspective of labour law and income tax.


Emergency measures may give rise to the liability of the Czech Republic for caused damage

The Czech government has approved the first packages to support businesses in relation to the fallout from coronavirus crisis earlier this week (see our previous law-now here). Meanwhile, some Czech businesses have started to explore whether the state has liability for the damages caused by the measures and whether it is possible to claim compensation.


PwC Covid-19 webinars

PwC is preparing webinars in the field of possible impacts of the current situation on your business. Presentations will be in the Czech language. Participation in online webinars is free of charge.


Merger review processes are being impacted worldwide as merger control authorities adapt to take account of the consequences of Covid-19 coronavirus.

While critical transactions are likely to be reviewed, as far as possible, in accordance with normal practice, many cases may face changes in approach and practice (eg extensions of timelines in certain circumstances). See our overview for an indication of the different approaches being taken by authorities around the world.


Employment support programme as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic

The Government of the Czech Republic has approved a proposal of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs this week to expand the employment support programme as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic (so-called Antivirus Programme). As part of this programme, the state intends to grant employers full or partial compensation in the form of a contribution to the compensation of a compensatory wage paid out to employees due to an obstacle to work on the part of the employee or employer.


Covid-19 Financial Recoveries

EY Claims & Disputes Services. Covid-19 impacts are resulting in significant, almost unprecedented, disruption for many sectors. This disruption is already beginning to cause substantial financial losses. EY’s FIS Claims & Disputes professionals have set out some key questions to help you navigate this with your clients.


COVID-19, Legal and Commercial Implications

Our CMS offices have specialist Insight pages about COVID-19. The following insights below brings together perspectives on the legal and commercial issues affecting businesses across the globe. Please contact any of the partners listed on those pages for more information about COVID-19 and how CMS can help.


COVID-19: Managing cash flow during a period of crisis

Coronavirus cash flow implications across extended supply chain. This piece suggests ways organizations can mitigate damages to their business during this volatile event.


Liberal Aid Package No. 2

The Government of the Czech Republic approved the bill of the Ministry of Finance this week to adopt further tax measures in connection with the extraordinary event caused by the spread of the coronavirus (so-called Liberal Aid Package No. 2). We briefly present the individual proposed measures in the following summary:


The government has approved a second Tax Liberation Package

In view of the current situation, the Ministry of Finance has extended the Tax Liberation Package with further measures. It waives the obligation to pay advance payments for PIT and CIT due in June 2020. With regard to income tax, it also introduces the “loss carryback” measure for 2020, whereby it will be possible to apply the tax loss for the current year retrospectively in the tax returns for 2019 and 2018.


Covid-19 coronavirus: key considerations for corporates when considering your debt facilities

As the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic deepens and a prolonged downturn in financial markets looks increasingly certain, we have been speaking to a number of corporates that are reviewing their banking facilities to ensure they have enough liquidity to weather the storm. If you are considering obtaining additional funding here are some key aspects to consider.


Basic information and tips for entrepreneurs regarding the Covid-19 outbreak

State of emergency and the government-imposed limitations, HR issues and recommendations, Contractual obligations, Operation of courts and authorities, Support measures approved by the government and Compensation of damages caused by the government measures


Covid-19 impact on Insurance Industry

We see these possible aspects for COVID-19 situation for the insurance (and financial services as such) business…


COVID-19 enables to release from the duty to provide compensation for breach of a contract

The COVID-19 pandemic and measures introduced by the Czech authorities in connection to it have paralysed everyday life. The situation also has an impact on business relations.


Covid-19 coronavirus: 10 key points for effective contingency planning

Covid-19 coronavirus is at the top of the agenda for businesses globally, for good reason. Here are 10 key points to consider to ensure your business is fully prepared.


Articles available in Czech version only

Souhrn alertů COVID-19

Přehled daní, sociálního a zdravotního pojištění včetně pracovního práva, stav k 27. 3. 2020


Webcast: Odpovědnost za škodu způsobenou krizovými opatřeními státu

Odpovídá stát za škodu? Pokud ano, v jakém rozsahu? Jak uplatnit případné nároky? A jsou s touto problematikou spojena nějaká společenská rizika?

Kdy: 2. 4. 2020, 14:00 – 15:00


Ošetřovné a odpuštění minimálních odvodů pro podnikatele

Poslanecká sněmovna schválila vládní návrh na rozšíření poskytování ošetřovného pro rodiče s dětmi do 13 let po celou dobu, kdy jsou uzavřené školy.


Jak efektivně čelit COVID-19

Zmírněte dopady na vaši firmu. Pandemie koronaviru COVID-19 klade na organizace zcela nové nároky. Připravili jsme pro vás přehled doporučení, která vám pomohou nastavit home office, efektivněji reagovat na přijatá opatření, a snížit tak celková rizika dopadu na vaši firmu.


Úlevy na pojistném pro OSVČ

Ministerstvo práce a sociálních věcí připravilo legislativní návrh na pomoc živnostníkům (OSVČ) vykonávajícím podnikání jako hlavní činnost. Podle návrhu MPSV budou OSVČ odpuštěny platby záloh na pojistné na důchodové pojištění po dobu 6 měsíců, a to od března do srpna 2020. Pro účely placení pojistného za rok 2020 se budou tyto zálohy považovat za zaplacené.


Zpracování osobních údajů zaměstnavateli v době pandemie COVID-19

Stále se vyskytují otázky týkající se zpracování osobních údajů v souvislosti s prevencí COVID-19. Na toto již reagoval jak český Úřad pro ochranu osobních údajů, tak Evropský sbor pro ochranu osobních údajů. Následující text přináší shrnutí a rozvedení některý informacích uvedených v těchto textech.